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Gold Coast Dentists at Boctor Dental Smilecentre use Myofunctional orthodontics to straighten teeth and align teeth and jaws. The application of myofunctional can help avoid the need for braces, or can provide a partial fix, which makes what would’ve been an extremely difficult orthodontic case, easier.

What is Myofuctional Orthodontics?

Myofunctional orthodontics is a pre or preventative orthodontic method useful for children. At Boctor Dental Smilecentre we use Myobrace devices, designed to treat poor oral habits, because these are often underlying causes of crooked teeth. Myofunctional techniques are most commonly used with children, because their jaws are still growing, making it easier to fix their problems. The use of myofunctional orthodontics can sometimes prevent the need for braces, but are more commonly used to fix more severe oral problems to make later braces an easier process.

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How does myofunctional work?

Myofunctional orthodontics use a series of removable appliances that your child will have to wear for a couple of hours each day, and overnight, while they sleep, to fix their crooked teeth or misaligned bite. Your Dentist will help you and your child understand how to fix the bad habits that are causing their dental problems, and recommend some muscular exercises that your child can do to correct the problems. Your child will be given Myobrace trainers (a removable appliance) which don’t require any fittings, moulding, or impressions, and are ready to use immediately. The Myobrace trainer helps to correct teeth and jaw positioning, and is to be worn as instructed by your Dentist according to your child’s treatment plan. Regular check appointments are important with Myofunctional braces because it is a system relying on patient compliance. Because the patients are children, this can be difficult, so close monitoring is important – both by parents and your Dentist. To find out more about whether Myofunctional orthodontics could prevent the need for braces for your child, book an appointment with one of our Gold Coast Dentists:

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