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By Dr Raymond Boctor BDSc (Hons)

Principal Dentist, Smilecentre

The whole 2020 COVID lockdown experience was definitely disruptive to every industry and dentistry in the Gold Coast was no different.
One interesting thing that we noticed during Covid was that whilst a lot of aspects of dentistry had to shut down and pause, those patients who were undergoing Invisalign treatment were largely able to continue their treatment uninterrupted!

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How is Invisalign Covid Safe?

Unlike all our other Gold Coast Braces patients, who could not be clinically seen due to Covid restrictions in dentistry, our Invisalign patients were able to progress and continue their teeth straightening. Patients were in constant communication with our Gold Coast Dentists via Dental Monitoring, our state of the art Dental App that helps keep your treatment on track.

So in terms of a type of dental treatment that is truly COVID safe, Invisalign is it. Once you have had your initial scan, you don’t have to come back into the dental clinic until your custom straightening trays have arrived. In some cases you may need to have Invisalign “buttons” put on your teeth (tooth coloured grip points on the front surface of your teeth) to add anchorage for guiding your teeth to their ideal position. This is done on the same day your Invisalign trays are issued to you.

Following this, unless we need a rescan for some reason, the rest of your teeth straightening can be carried out completely remotely! You can be at home, at work, interstate even and your teeth continue to straighten, and your case will progress as normal, without you coming into see us.

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Full support and communication throughout treatment

We utilise the Dental Monitoring app software so you can be in direct contact with your Invisalign Provider Dentist throughout the whole course of your treatment. This software prompts you to take weekly scans of your teeth (like a fancy selfie), which get uploaded to your Dentist. They can then constantly review and track your progress and advise you to move onto the next set of trays or remain on the same trays for longer. It also promotes your accountability, as you need to constantly scan and upload. If you have any issues or concerns, you just send a message through and your dentist will reply directly to you.
So whilst we don’t physically see you in the dental chair, Smilecentre Gold Coast Invisalign patients actually get more support and contact from our Dentists as they are in direct communication with them, rather than having to call the Receptionists and leave a message.

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Invisalign is great if you’re a busy person

We get that you’re busy – we all lead busy lives. Whether it is work, kids or activities and commitments that get in your way, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the beautiful straight smile you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you’ve been thinking of straightening your teeth, Invisalign is truly a good option, especially in this current uncertain atmosphere. There is the flexibility of straightening your teeth from home, without having to come in for regular visits. Also, Dental Monitoring allows for greater communication to keep you on track for the best and fastest results. It works really well and can sometimes achieve finishes that are hard to get using traditional braces.

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