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are our braces so affordable?

Our mission is to provide affordable orthodontic care for everyone, so we have introduced our “Simply Braces” package, which offers affordable Braces to patients from just $4400. This is achieved by analysing whether a patient is a suitable candidate for straightening in a 6-12 month timeframe. Being a local Gold Coast Small Business that has been family owned and operated since 2001, we offer quality, experience and the lowest price, guaranteed. It’s a win-win-win!

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The Smile Outlet


do we do it?

applies to Simply Braces cases

6-12 month treatment duration, so less overheads

all in house – no middle man so more savings for you

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*Private health rebates apply

How It Works

Cheap Braces Gold Coast

1st Step:

Visit for a Free Consultation

Dr Raymond Boctor will let you know if your smile is eligible for the $4400 Simply Braces package, or if more complex treatment is required

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2nd Step:

Next Up, get your braces on

Let’s bond – we’ll get your braces on soon after you’ve confirmed your treatment plan and goals. Braces from just $4400 will give you a reason to smile.

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3rd Step:

Smile all day long

6-12 months later, we remove your braces and issue your clear plastic retainers to ensure your new pearly white smile is locked into place.

How Much

do braces cost?

The price of braces in Gold Coast can vary depending on how complicated they are and what type you choose. Typically, a standard orthodontic treatment lasting 12-18 months costs between $6,500 and $9,500, with most around $7,000. Braces that go behind your teeth, called lingual braces, can be over $12,000. Clear braces usually cost more than traditional metal ones. But at Smilecentre, we have streamlined our processes over the last decade, so we can offer our braces from $4,400.

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*Private health rebates apply


Straight teeth are affordable for everyone.

What our braces include:

→ Getting your braces “put on”

→ All adjustments and appointments about your braces

→ Broken brackets*

→ We also include up to 2 sets of plastic retainers.

Simply Saving

Here at Smilecentre, our approach to braces focuses on simplicity, accessibility and quality. We offer a great solution to Gold Coasters seeking teeth straightening options that are effective, yet budget-friendly. At Smilecentre, your Dentist has decades of dental experience and Orthodontics special training and we only use the highest quality products and material. It gets better – our Simply Braces are priced from a mere $4,400. Straighten your teeth without straining your wallet at Smilecentre.

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Why You Should Choose Us

We are amongst the most established dental practices in the GC. Family owned and operated, our Dentists have been transforming Gold Coast smiles for the last 24 years. We offer patients Quality, Experience and the Lowest Price.

Our Dentists have a Special Interest in Orthodontics

Unlike most general dentists that offer minor orthodontic treatments as part of their services range, we have dedicated dentists who have a special interest in orthodontics. They have undergone significant training and education in the mechanics and application of braces and can offer you a range of treatment options to achieve the best possible outcomes.

You will get treatment with a Highly Qualified
Senior Dentist on the Gold Coast

Dr Raymond Boctor holds an Honors in Dentistry from UQ. He has been helping Gold Coast patients for over 20 years and has international recognition in Advanced Orthodontics from Progressive Orthodontics. At Smilecentre, you will get top quality braces from a dentist that owns the Practice – he’s not going anywhere, so you can be sure your treatment is planned with the best results in mind. With his extensive orthodontic experience, not only can you get affordable braces, but he can assist in diagnosing complex treatment options should you need. We’ve got you covered.

We use the Best Quality Materials

At Smilecentre we use high quality braces – brackets sourced from Germany, wires and bonding agents from the US. Over the years we have found that using the best products and materials produces the best results so we don’t shortcut on quality. You won’t find cheap China products being used at Smilecentre.

Interest Free Braces Payment Plans

Get your dream smile now and pay it off later. You can choose to pay over the duration of 12-24 months, rather than upfront.

Our Smile Guarantee

Our braces treatment comes with a Smile Guarantee:

→ Best Price Guaranteed. Our Simple Braces price will be the best in the Gold Coast.

→ Results Guaranteed. You will leave with your smile better than when you walked in. You will see results within 6 months.

→Quality Guaranteed. We use the highest quality materials to ensure our braces work.

→ Finance Guaranteed. payment plan finance options will be available to all customers

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Getting Here

Boctor Dental Smilecentre Bundall is centrally located at

90 Ashmore Road

Bundall Qld 4217.

You are welcome to speak to our friendly staff on (07) 5592 1999

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