Have you got crooked teeth, or have one or a few teeth that just aren’t aligned and it’s always bothered you? Have you wanted to fix this, and get a beautiful straight smile, but don’t want to get braces? Maybe you can’t get braces because of work, or you just don’t want to wear braces at this point in your life. The great news is you can straighten your natural teeth, without wearing unsightly braces.

Our Dentists use Invisalign to straighten your teeth, without braces. This procedure involves you wearing customised, removable, clear (invisible) trays that gently guide your teeth into a new position. You will wear a new set of custom trays every two weeks, resulting in straight teeth in 6-18months (depending on the difficulty of your particular case).

Because Invisalign is invisible and removable, you don’t need to be concerned or embarrassed about wearing them and you will still be able to eat, speak and function normally.

With our Invisalign payment plans, you’ll be able to get your Invisalign treatment started today and pay it off in monthly instalments throughout the duration of your treatment (minimum deposits required). There’s no excuse to delay getting that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign works by rotating the top, crown of your tooth. It does not move the root of your tooth, so may not work in all cases – for example, really overcrowded teeth may need traditional braces to fix bite problems or to move teeth roots. To find out if Invisalign teeth straightening is the right option for you, call today to book in your FREE Cosmetic Consultation with one of our Dentists.

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