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Cheap Braces on the Gold Coast

At Boctor Dental Smilecentre we hear this question day in, day out. Do I need Braces? Does my child need Braces?

We all dream of having a beautiful, straight set of teeth to flash and smile, but unfortunately the reality is most of us have some crookedness in our smiles. It is becoming quite commonplace these days for kids and adults to get braces to straighten their teeth.

So we thought we’d ask Principal Dentist Dr Raymond Boctor the question and see what he has to say. “Do I need Braces?

Dr Raymond Boctor

“If you’re asking the question, then you (or your child if you are asking for them) could probably benefit from some form of Orthodontic straightening. But whether Braces are needed versus whether the results are wanted are different factors.

I have done a fair few Braces cases for people in situations where they functionally need braces. For example, some people never get their permanent canine teeth through into the mouth – instead, it gets stuck in the upper gum towards the palette and it never pushes the baby tooth out. To fix this, we extract the baby tooth/teeth, put braces on and work with an oral surgeon to do a simple exposure of the hidden teeth, to which we attach a button with a small length of chain to, which is attached to the braces wire. We utilizes the braces as an anchor point and guide the tooth out into what should be it’s natural position. It takes time as we must first guide the misplaced tooth out before we can work on the rest of the smile, but eventually it will turn into a regular course of braces and will result in a beautiful straight smile. Braces are needed in cases such as this, as the adult tooth will never come out on its own. The baby tooth would have remained indefinitely, which can cause problems later in life as the structure of a baby tooth is not intended to last 60+years – it is only supposed to be in the mouth for 5-10 years.

You might also need braces if there is extreme crowding in your smile. If the crowding is bad enough that you struggle to clean your teeth properly (eg food and plaque constantly gets stuck in twisted nooks and crannies that doesn’t clean off with a simple brushing). This can lead to extra decay that wouldn’t normally occur, which is detrimental to your oral health. So braces are needed to solve the crowding to straighten the teeth so oral hygiene practices and teeth cleaning can be achieved thoroughly and regularly.

Even though you might not fall into the category where you need braces, you might still want to achieve a beautiful straight smile through orthodontic treatment. Without doubt, being the proud owner of a lovely straight smile will give you a great self-esteem boost – so that is a reward definitely worth the investment. If you actively don’t like smiling because you are self-conscious about crooked teeth, you should definitely consider undergoing a course of braces to cosmetically align your teeth.

If you’re not sure if you really want to wear braces at this point in your life, but think you’d like to benefit from the results of orthodontic treatment, we do have options available for you. Adult braces are becoming more and more common, but you might wish to have a more discreet method for teeth straightening. Ceramic braces are a more incognito form of traditional braces, where the ceramic brackets are a tooth coloured tone so are less obvious. Invisalign, also known as invisible braces or clear braces, are clear trays designed to align your teeth using a series of different trays as opposed to traditional fixed braces. Or Dental Veneers might be a suitable cosmetic solution for you to straighten your smile without undergoing braces at all.

Ceramic Braces are tooth coloured, so are less noticeable

Clear Braces Gold Coast

Invisalign are also known as “Invisible Braces” – great option for adults needing braces

Cosmetic Dentist Gold Coast

Get the results you want, without the wait – a real Hollywood Smile

Of course, if you want a definite answer to the question “Do I need braces?” or if you want a professional opinion on whether you will substantially benefit from orthodontic treatment, come on in and have a chat with me or one of my highly skilled Associate Dentists. We offer no obligation, FREE orthodontic consultations where we can have a look at your case, give you an accurate costing and timeframe for treatment and give you some guidance as to what sort of results you can expect.”

If you would like to find out for yourself if you need braces, or if you would benefit substantially from a course of orthodontics, why don’t you make an appointment for a Free Braces Consultation at one of our three convenient Gold Coast locations:

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Did you know that all Gold Coast Braces and Orthodontic Treatments at Boctor Dental Smilecentre are ALL-INCLUSIVE – this means that your quoted price includes the full straightening procedure, right from records, all the way to retention / retainers at the end of treatment. Our prices start at just $4900 and we offer interest free payment plans from just $41/week. Read more about our ALL INCLUSIVE BRACES here or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW.

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