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Have you been wondering How Much Do Braces Cost? Can you afford it? Well stop wondering and come on in to Smilecentre because our Gold Coast Braces are super affordable. Get Braces Today. All inclusive from records to retainers. Pay it off with our monthly braces payment plans! Even better, come in to have a Braces consultation with one of our Dentists for FREE – no charge at all and no obligation, just a Free Braces Consultation.

Do you (or your child) have crooked, misaligned or gappy teeth? Are you unhappy or embarrassed with your smile? Do you want or need braces, but are unsure whether you can afford it?

The great news is that Boctor Dental Smilecentre’s Principal Dentist, Dr Raymond Boctor, and associate Dr Missy Chang can get your orthodontic treatment started today and you can pay it off from just $10 per day! Finally, Cheap Braces Gold Coast are here!Gold Coast Orthodontics

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At Boctor Dental Smilecentre, we use either metal or ceramic (tooth coloured) braces. If you’ve ever wondered why orthodontic treatment can be so expensive, it is because it involves many appointments for planning, application and adjustments. Because your orthodontic treatment is seen to personally by your Dentist – we don’t use assistants or dental hygienists for your braces appointments, you will be treated personally by your Dentist – this means your braces will take a lot of their time. Also, our braces are completely customised and tailored and specifically for your case, meaning your Dentist will incur costs even before your braces are put on.

Our braces are an all-inclusive treatment, from when we take your orthodontic records, right through all adjustments and removal of your braces, including retainers at the end of your course. The only things not included in your braces treatment are general dental procedures you might need during your braces course (fillings, cleans etc.)

Because your orthodontic treatment will take time – average braces courses run from 6 months to 24 months (sometimes longer for more difficult cases) – this means you can pay off your braces during its course! We require an upfront deposit when we take orthodontic records and when we put on your braces, however the remainder of your braces can be paid off monthly, during the course of your braces. Minimum deposit 20% and repayments can be made over 2 years.

To find out more about which braces options might best suit you, book in to see Dr Raymond Boctor or one of our associates for a FREE Orthodontic Consultation.

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