Do you grind, or clench your teeth while sleeping? Do you suffer from headaches, sore jaws and teeth? Do you have fragile teeth, or ground down teeth you want to protect from your strong or heavy bite? A night-time wear, anti-grinding splint might be the best solution for you.

What is an anti-grinding guard?

A grinding guard, or an occlusal splint, is a customised tray that you pop in your mouth before you sleep and wear all night. It essentially creates a separation between your top and bottom teeth to prevent the forces teeth grinding and clenching can create. Because most teeth grinding and clenching happens at night while you are asleep and is unconsciously done, wearing this night splint can really help.

Different types of grinding splints

Our Dentists use two types of grinding splints – soft/hard splints and hard/hard splints. What’s the difference? Soft/hard splints have a hard plastic base and a soft plastic top. This means it fits better and more comfortably against your teeth. The disadvantage is that it does not last as long due to the soft plastic top and will not hold up well against the forces a heavy grinder will create. A hard/hard splint has a hard plastic top and bottom. This means the fit can be harder to get exact and comfortable, but it is extremely strong and can withhold very strong forces. Our night grinding guards are created custom to your particular bite. They are created by our on-site dental laboratory, SmileLab, meaning everything is done locally and can be easily adjusted to ensure we get the best fit for you.

Private Health Insurance Rebate for Grinding Splints

If you have extras cover with your Private Health fund, you might be eligible to claim a rebate for your grinding guard. Call one of our locations today and our friendly staff can give you a grinding splint item number to quote to your health fund to find how much your benefit will pay.

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