For the convenience of our patients, we’ve implemented a Telehealth Dental platform so our patients will be able to access a Gold Coast Dentist Virtual Consult. Your Telehealth Dentist Appointment cost will be credited towards any treatment you receive with us within the next 6 months.

Virtual Dental Consult Gold Coast

Why book a Virtual Dental Appointment?

This consultation will be used if you are self-isolating, but have some dental questions only your Dentist can answer. For example, if you have a dental problem of some variety, but don’t want to go out unnecessarily, it may be best to book in first a Virtual Dentist Consult to have a chat with your Dentist about the issue. They can advise you if they think its something that is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately, or whether it will pass and to address it in the coming months.

Necessary Prescribed Medication can be sent to you

Utilizing Australia Post’s Pharmacy Home Delivery scheme, any necessary medication we prescribe can be delivered to your home.

We can still offer you Cosmetic, Orthodontic & Aesthetic Assessments

We can also offer cosmetic, orthodontic and any other aesthetic dental opinions and quotes via our Virtual Dental Consult.

Cost of Aesthetic Consult is Credited Towards Treatment

If you decide to have a Virtual Consult to have a chat and get a quote for Cosmetic Dental or Orthodontics, we will credit the cost of your consult towards your treatment. This means that should you go ahead with your cosmetic or orthodontic treatment in the next 6 months, your consult fee will go towards that treatment. So your consult will end up being free.

If you have a telehealth appointment booked in with your Dentist, please ensure you download and fill your New Patient form / medical history form prior to your appointment. NEW PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORY FORM