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Gold Coast Invisalign

Invisalign Gold Coast


the Best Version of Yourself

A beautiful smile is with us through a lifetime of emotions and experiences.

Whether you’re wanting to gain greater confidence with colleagues and clients, have a wedding approaching or are looking at getting into a relationship (or finishing one!), Invisalign can straighten teeth without bringing to the attention of others. Say farewell to clunky braces!

Invisalign reinvents lives and has done so for over 8 million people. Your secret weapon has been hiding right under your nose – start smiling now with Invisalign.

Is Invisalign

the right treatment for me?

Invisalign can successfully treat a broad range of smiles, ranging from minor tooth movements to complex orthodontic cases.

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Straighter Teeth

How It Works

1st Step:

Get A 3D Scan

Your Dentist will capture a 3D image of your teeth using our iTero Element® scanner.

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2nd Step:

Next Up, View A Digital Smile Simulation

Your Dentist will share a preview of your future, straight smile. If you’re happy with the projected end result, we’ll go ahead and get started.

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3rd Step:

Receive your first aligners to start your teeth straightening journey.

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4th Step:

Scan your smile at home and check in with your Dentist using the Dental Monitoring App every week. You’ll progress onto the next aligners or schedule a review if needs be.

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5th Step:

Straight teeth, keep your beautiful smile forever. Retainers are included with your treatment course so you can be sure your new smile is not a temporary thing.

Why GC Customers

Choose Us

With amongst the most established practices in the GC, our Dentists have been transforming Gold Coast smiles for the last 20 years.

Our Dentists have a

Special Interest in Orthodontics

Unlike most general dentists that offer minor orthodontic treatments as part of their services range, we have dedicated dentists who have a special interest in orthodontics. They have undergone significant training and education in the mechanics and application of braces and can offer you a range of treatment options to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Great Team of Highly Qualified

Senior Clinicians on the Gold Coast

Dr Raymond Boctor holds an Honors in Dentistry from UQ. He has been helping Gold Coast patients for over 20 years and has international recognition in Advanced Orthodontics from Progressive Orthodontics. He also is a practitioner of sleep apnoea dentistry amongst other special interests.

Dr Missy Chang is our Senior Associate and has been part of our Smilecentre team looking after Gold Coast smiles for over 12 years. She is internationally recognized by several organisations in Advanced Orthodontics including Progressive Orthodontics. She also has special interests in Cosmetic Dental so can help patients achieve their dream smiles by integrating Invisalign with other cosmetic treatments including Crowns, Veneers and Whitening.

Our Associate Dentist Dr Rachel Podesta is a Gold Coast Graduate of Dentistry and has been with the Smilecentre Team for nearly 10 years as first a Dental Assistant and then Dentist. Her Invisalign Go treatments are known for being fast and affordable, whilst producing WOW results.

Interest Free Invisalign Payment Plans

Get your dream smile now and pay it off later. You can choose to pay over the duration of your treatment, rather than upfront.


Private Health Insurance Rebates

We utilize HICAPS to instantly rebate most major Private Health Insurance providers. The item number for Invisalign treatment is 881 (orthodontic treatment). Please check this item code coverage with your specific Health Insurance provider to find out any requirements they may have (eg presentation of treatment plan).