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Have you got chipped, crooked, stained or gappy teeth? Are you afraid or too embarrassed to smile? Ever wanted that beautiful, bright white Hollywood smile? Would you think this is possible to achieve in just 4 hours? Well it is!

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Using composite veneers, our Dentists, particularly Principal Dentist Dr Victor Boctor, can give you a beautiful smile makeover in just 4 hours. Dr Victor Boctor’s composite veneers are internationally renowned and sought after.

The 4 hour Hollywood Smile Makeover is based on having composite veneer treatment on your visible teeth on your top arch (usually front 8 teeth). A complete smile makeover, of the top andbottom teeth, will usually take 8 hours – 4 hours for the top teeth and 4 hours for the bottom teeth.

With Veneer Payment Plans and programs available,you can get your Smile Makeover started today and pay it off over time! There’s no excuse to delay when your dream smile is just a few short hours away.

Composite veneers might not be applicable in all situations so you will need to book in for a FREE cosmetic consultation with Dr Victor Boctor to make sure that composite veneers are the best option for you.

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